The 2023-2024 密苏里中北部学院 Scholarship Reception was held on Wednesday, October 11, 在凯查姆社区中心的珍妮特·霍夫曼·罗宾逊礼堂举行. 超过300名学生获得了十大赌博信誉的平台的认可, Athletic, SSS, 校董会, 或其他院校奖学金. 中北部密苏里大学基金会主办了这个年度活动. 克丽丝蒂走, NCMC奖学金协调员, welcomed over 300 guests and thanked the Foundation Board for their stewardship of scholarship investments, 感谢NCMC董事会的领导, 和奖学金委员会阅读每一篇论文(380篇). Kristi added that the Foundation awarded over 265 scholarships totaling over $260,000本学年. NCMC Freshman and William and Juanita Denslow Scholarship recipient Andrew Bennett played the National Anthem on his guitar, 还有塔米·韦伯斯, NCMC通讯指导员, 是司仪.

Three NCMC Foundation scholarship recipients shared their stories about finding themselves at NCMC, 乐于尝试新事物, 发掘他们的潜力, 并表现出强烈的职业道德来实现他们的目标.

密苏里州加拉廷的大二学生科尔·亨德森分享道:NCMC has been extremely kind to me and has helped me grow not only with knowledge as a student, 也是作为一个人. I will hold the friends and memories I have made while attending NCMC with me for the rest of my life. 我通过NCMC获得的机会改变了我的生活, and I know I will be able to better succeed in life because of these life lessons and opportunities I have received.” Cole recently changed his major from business to Education and will pursue an Associate of Arts in Teaching (AAT). 他是Christopher P. 全片奖学金. 科尔是凯查姆社区中心的一名居民助理. He received a much-deserved round of applause as he shared his experience of helping save the life of a community member who collapsed while walking the track.

普林斯顿大学的劳伦·克罗恩说, MO, is pursuing two degrees: an Associate of Arts Transfer Degree and an Associate of Science and Math degree. 她是马克和丽贝卡·惠特克奖学金的获得者, 董事会奖学金, 还有垒球奖学金. 劳伦是女子海盗垒球队的投手. “The softball team has, of course, been nuclear to my experience here at NCMC. Being on the team has been an experience that has given me lifelong friends and memories that I will cherish forever.劳伦还分享了NCMC是如何帮助她转变的。”The tutoring center has been an incredible resource; Jayne and her tutors were able to answer any questions I had and helped me transition from high school to college. NCMC was the best first choice I made in setting myself up for success in the future.”

Tucker Otto from Trenton, MO, was the last student speaker and a recipient of a Claude M. & 纳丁·埃克特奖学金, 格兰迪县教会妇女联合会奖学金, 以及交叉联合健康科学奖学金. Tucker shared about earning 30 college credits through NCMC dual credit courses while in high school and his future goals. “我打算在NCMC获得LPN证书和ADN学位. 我确实计划从NCMC毕业后继续深造, as I wish to obtain my BSN and further my education to achieve a graduate degree to become a CRNA (Nurse Anesthetist). Another great reason for being a Pirate is the quality found here in this school. We nursing students have access to a state-of-the-art lab that allows us to practice hands-on skills before we get any sort of clinical experience, a wide network of locations that are willing to accommodate us students for when we do start our clinical work, and access to many student resources to help us with our studies and education.

In addition to the student speakers, NCMC Distinguished Alumna and former NCMC Administrator Dr. Jamie Hooyman shared her NCMC journey and expressed how NCMC will always be her home. Dr. 胡伊曼目前担任西北密苏里州立大学的教务长, where she became the first female in the university’s history to serve as its chief academic officer. 她给观众中的获奖者留下了四个挑战:1. 相信自己. 2. 负责任. 每天督促自己变得更好. 感恩——对人感恩吗. “无论是西北还是NCMC, my passion is and will always be—student success because that is why we are here.” Mrs. 艾丽西亚恩迪科特, 十大赌博信誉的平台执行董事, 感谢大家的参与,结束了会议, 赞扬演讲者激动人心的演讲, and thanking the scholarship investors for their dedication and support of NCMC students. 整个事件的记录可以在

The NCMC Foundation is a 501c(3) IRS-approved organization that raises funds through different campaigns, 包括“行动中的礼物”奖学金活动. It is through scholarships that students are given the chance to develop as a student, 一个人, 作为社区的一员. The NCMC Foundation works in partnership with 密苏里中北部学院 to help transform lives and empower students. 有关创建或增加奖学金投资的更多信息, 请联系艾丽西亚恩迪科特,电话:660-357-6403或 (电子邮件保护) 或克里斯蒂·瓦纳,电话:660-357-6321或 (电子邮件保护).


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普林斯顿的凯拉·科夫曼, MO, has been selected as 密苏里中北部学院’s Outstanding Student for October. Kyla,…


The 2023-2024 密苏里中北部学院 Scholarship Reception was held on Wednesday, October 11, 在珍妮特·霍夫曼…